DEI the Stablecoin

Like BUSD at Binance, Traders using DEI will enjoy better fee structures while trading derivatives on DEUS v3.

Contract Address:

0xDE1E704dae0B4051e80DAbB26ab6ad6c12262DA0 Link to mint/redeem DEI:
DEI Core functionality
DEI is an fractional reserve stablecoin, forked and inspired by and can be used as a unit of account for derivative-based trading on protocols built on the DEUS infrastructure layer. Traders, Protocols and Market Makers utilizing and offering trading via DEUS v3 using $DEI as stablecoin will enjoy better Fee Structures, than when using $USDC.
View the USDC backing and other stats for DEI here.


DEI has a 100% minting ratio and 9% seignorage.
  • 100% USDC is required to mint $DEI (ie. $1 USDC is required to mint 1 $DEI)
  • On mint, 9% is used to buy back $DEUS and deposited into the DEI redemption contract
  • On redemption, 9% is transferred out of the redemption contract. This figure adjusts constantly and can be viewed in the minter stats.
  • Muon Oracles – DEI leverages Muon’s Subsequential Consensus and its Pythia module for live price feeds. As opposed to Uniswap’s TWAP or Chainlink’s oracles, Muon has on-demand price feeds with HTTP latency as its only lag. Price fluctuations are absorbed instantaneously. To learn more about Muon oracles, visit their gitbook here.
  • Two Tokens – DEI is the stablecoin targeting a tight band around $1/coin. DEUS ($DEUS) is the DEI governance token that accrues fees, seigniorage revenue, and excess collateral value.
  • Secured by Lossless – Lossless offers an additional layer of security and mitigates the impact of exploits by utilizing threat identification tools and unique monitoring systems.